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Mika Peels and Eats a Clementine

First of all most dogs aren't all that keen on peel even if they will eat a piece of citrus just to be polite.  This little video captured and posted by Devin Service is Julia's pup Mika being...never mind just watch it.


Koda and his Chickens

Koda is from our E Litter and his owner Cheryl is a Paramedic and has been training him in Search and Rescue.  This story proves he is living up to his registered name, Lewenhart's Emergency Response

I just wanted to share this story with you because I'm very proud of my boy.  He proved today that Leos really are amazing guardians.
I was working the night shift last night so I got home this morning around 7:30.  As per the daily routine I took Koda out for a walk and then fed the chickens.  I went back inside to make myself some breakfast, and then give Koda his breakfast.  I looked out the window to watch the chickens running around....because I think they are funny to watch sometimes, then I got ready to go have a nap. 
As soon as I lay down Koda kept coming into my room then leaving....over and over again.  I figured he was just being a goofball and wanted to play.  So I ignored it, then he started whining and running back and forth to the door.  Now I'm really starting to wonder what he's up to, but I'm so tired I just lay there for a bit longer.  Then Koda started barking frantically, so I get up and he's staring out the front window barking.  I look outside and realize the chickens are scattered all over the place and one was even standing on the window sill.  Koda stops barking and just as he does, a gigantic hawk swoops down towards the chickens.  I ran to the door let Koda out, he bolts to the front yard while I got my shoes on.  By the time I got outside there was no sign of the hawk.  I started gathering up the chickens to put them in their house for safety.  As I'm gathering them up I realize that 2 are missing.  I start walking around the yard looking for them, telling Koda to "find them".  He starts searching, and after about 15 minutes Koda found one chicken hiding under a bush.  She looked so scared!  Koda sniffs her....to make sure she's ok.  I picked her up and put her the the chicken house with the others.  Then we continued to look for the last one.  After about 15 more minutes we found a spot on the grass covered with chicken feathers.  I immediately thought that she had been picked up by the hawk and killed.  I looked around for a bit longer but I gave up thinking she was already dead.  Koda would not give up.....he wanted to keep looking.  He looked and looked, and went into the bush about 50 metres, so I followed him and he led me to a bush where he kept circling it and circling it.  So I got closer and to my surprise there was the last chicken hiding under this thick bush.  She was fine....missing some feathers but she was fine.  I picked her up and Koda jumps up sniffs her, and then happily trots along in front of me back to the house.  We put her with the others, and I praised Koda for doing such a great job.  I was so proud of him!!  I know they're just chickens but I was really sad when I thought one had been killed.  After putting her with the others I headed back to the house, and looked back to see Koda sitting by the chicken house.  I called him...but he wouldn't come.  I even tried the "want a treat!" trick but he still wouldn't come.  He sat there and wouldn't move.  There was no way anything was going to get his chickens because he wasn't leaving.  I opened the door for him to see they were all safe inside and told him it was ok.  He finally came with me but I had to take his collar and bring him in myself.  He'll be getting a big yummy extra special supper today that's for sure!

Belinda saves a life

My dad needed a dog and Belinda loved my dad so after her last litter she retired to live with him.   Belinda and dad had some great times but the greatest is detailed below.

We Go To The Reservoir And Discover That Not All Dogs Can Swim. 

We, Belinda the Leonberger and I, the getting long in the tooth human male, have met these two from time to time at the “rez”.  A fat guy with a goatee and his giant “Dobie”, Duke, two years old, sort of mouldy blue/liver roan patchy coloration, quite unattractive in my opinion, big boned, awkward, at least two inches taller than Belinda which might mean he is a Great Dane cross, in any case he is a big goofy dog.  Bruce thinks that Belinda is really something and always wants to play.  Belinda could not care less, but that’s okay as Bruce goes bouncing around all over the place.

We walk down the ramp as usual to where the water is shallow and Duke tags along jumping up and down.  The man stays up top calling his dog but Duke is paying no attention.  Belinda goes lazily swimming out into the deep.  Duke romps in the shallows.  That Duke what a chicken.  “Duke! Doo-oook!” the man is calling

Soon Belinda and I go sideways off the ramp onto the steep jagged rock banks which go directly into deep water.   Duke’s owner, still commanding his dog to come to him without further delay please, is on the road overlooking us, about second story window height.  Duke has gone deaf, he just keeps falling on and off the huge jagged rocks following Belinda who manages the difficult terrain with comparative agility, as I do myself hem hem.  Presently Belinda lets herself down off the rocks into the deep water and I throw her a plastic bottle with a few pebbles in a ways out.  The pebbles weight the bottle so it will stand up in the water and bob around.  Belinda thinks retrieving on land is a waste of time but for some reason thinks retrieving in the water is worth the effort.  The man is still yelling at Duke.  “Duke!  Duke!  Come here!  Duuuuuuuuuke!!!”  Duke is jigging back and forth on a big rock watching Belinda swimming away. Suddenly he gives a great leap into the air diving Olympicly into the blue water making a neat splash.    Wow!  Yayyy Duke!  What a great dog!  The man is hollering, I wish he would shut up.

The ripples subside the water surface is restored to normal.  Belinda is languidly swimming towards the bobbing bottle.   A question is raised by the circumstances revealed before our eyes here.  The question to wit, as it were, where exactly did Duke go?  I mean Duke the dog.  Duke, the very large Doberman Pinscher, the one that we just saw diving into the reservoir.  His owner is yelling “He can’t swim, he can’t swiiiiiiiiiiiiiim!  He just sinks!”   I could not have said it more succinctly myself sir.  You don’t have to tell me.  Hey, I am standing here like an idiot looking at the water where I have just seen a huge Dobe, known as Duke, dive in and not come up again.  This is plain to me.   Plain.  The man is yelling “Omigod – Omigod!” and such.  I yell to Belinda, I am not sure why, what else can I do?  She gives me a look “Do you want the plastic bottle or not?”.   Duke’s feet apparently touched bottom and he must have thrust upwards because his head breaks the surface a few yards out, gasping like a drowning Doberman Pinscher, splashing frantically, and goes under again.  Belinda sees this, it is more interesting than the plastic bottle and she starts swimming back.  I yell “Belinda!  Gittit!!!” and she looks around and looks at me questioningly.  I tell her, as inspirationally as I can, “Belinda, you gittit now, gittit, gittit!”   Presently Duke’s head pops up again gasping and choking, paws thrashing for a second long enough for Belinda to lunge alongside him and clamp her teeth on the side of his face.  I am yelling encouragement such as “come on, pull him in, gittit, come on, come on” and other senseless things.  Duke, struggling spastically, is pulling Belinda underwater, she is getting a mouthful, she’s choking, she lets go.  Duke is going down again but Belinda plunges her whole head under and comes up clamped onto his un-cropped ear!  This is better for her, but leaves Duke’s head underwater.  He is not struggling anymore, does not look good.  Belinda is swimming as strongly as she can but being dragged down.  Water is coming up over her eyes, only her muzzle is above the surface, still locked onto the ear.  She is paddling strongly, hauling seemingly lifeless Duke towards shore.  About a meter to go, she is wheezing loudly through her nose just as Duke’s paws hit bottom and he suddenly comes back to life.  He thrashes and struggles to get out of the water, I grab his collar and heave him up and he falls headfirst on the dry rocks.  His head hits with a sound like a cocoanut which may explain his behaviour.  But he’s alive, I figure he’s OK.  I am stunned, I am laughing my head off, I am cheering my great dog.  Belinda is standing on submerged rocks coughing and clearing her nose and throat then she turns around and starts swimming out again after the bobbing bottle!  I cannot buleeeve this dog.  Meanwhile Duke is on his feet and starts stumbling up the rocks to his owner who is yelling “get up here, you get up here now” etc while I am in stunned appreciation of MY dog, the hell with Dukie boy.  I hear the man shouting “thank you, thank youuuuuuuu”.  I glance up and wave, the guy waves back.  Belinda taking her time brings the plastic bottle back, leaves it in the water as usual and clambers out to shake off.  I am praising her and giving her a hug, she is amiable and nonchalant.  We pick our way up the rocks to the road Duke and his owner were gone.  You would think they might have hung around to insist that we accept a thousand dollars or something.  
Anyway I say that Belinda is a valiant hero and a totally outstanding Leo, a great dog! She can do no wrong in my estimation ever, ever.  Ever.



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