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As well as breeding wonderful Leonbergers I am also a Dog Trainer and Canine Good Neighbour Evaluator.  For more information about the CGN check my Canine Good Neighbour page.


Early Puppy Training and Socialization, teaching people how to train their puppies in a dog friendly and positive way. 

Individual one on one, tailored to your particular situation.

Train don't blame, teach those wanted behaviours right from the get go and you will have a great companion for life.


If you would like to schedule training or a Canine Good Neighbour for your club or event

contact me 416-574-8634, Naomi@lewenhart.com.


My Background


From my earliest memory I have loved dogs.  In fact my mother often tells the story of my instant attraction to the first dog I ever met; a large Yellow Lab who luckily loved kids because I hugged him on first sight.


As a child I would look through dog books picking out my favourite dogs, the one I would have when I grew up or sooner if I could talk my parents into it.  I never did talk my parents into a dog but when I moved out on my own the first thing I did was get a dog.  Then I met my first Leonberger and I fell in love with the breed and I have been living with them ever since.

Over the years I have also had some small dogs, Italian Greyhounds where my daughter's idea and we bred them for a few years.  I have always had a soft spot for the Papillon and with my friend Dee Devins of Tokabout Afghans and Papillons will be welcoming a Papillon puppy this year. 

My passion is to breed dogs of outstanding temperament, beauty and health.   

I was a frequent contributor to Dogs in Canada Magazine,  serve as Secretary with the Leonberger Club of Canada and I am a member of the Canadian Association of Professional Dog Trainers.   

I belong to the Canadian Kennel Club, and have served on the Responsible Dog Ownership Committee, my kennel Lewenhart is Permanently Registered with the Canadian Kennel Club.


My own Urban Dog Test has been recognized by Animal Control in Toronto and I continue to promote the concept of safe and reliable family dogs.

Me and some of my dogs


Made the cover of Dogs in Canada in 2010



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Canine Good Neighbour  Urban Dog Test