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Garplyckan's Kennel

Electra's birthplace

The Italian Greyhound Club of Canada  

Animal Rights: What Everyone Needs to Know

This is a fairly long article but crucial to read to understand the difference between animal welfare and animal rights.  Many more good posts on the blog as well.

Del Sambro Kennel

Belinda's birthplace


Canuck Dogs

Your source for Canadian canine event information online.


Leonberger Database

The first web database that has pedigrees and pictures of thousands of Leos.  Not up to date, but a new database is in the works which will build on this one.  The new database is an international effort involving dedicated Leo people from all over the world.



Early spay and neuter information

Very important information about the health problems caused by early spay or neuter.


International Leonberger Database   Canadogs

Worldwide Independent Leonberger Database

Two new Leo databases with more current information



  Canada's Guide to Dogs
    PuppySites Dog Lover's On Line Directory
    Pets European Transport Service

For those who are thinking of importing or exporting a dog to or from Europe I can highly recommend this new service. 

Leonberger Route

Links to Leonberger clubs and Breeders all over the world



The Leonberger Club of Ontario    

Leo Rescue Ontario




Leonberger Club of America



Leonberger Club of the United States    



Leo Watch

A Leonberger health database and information website.

Medical Form



University of Bern

Information about Inherited Leonberger Polyneuropathy